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10 Things to do in Isolation

(with your camera)

Things that need doing

Below is a list (not exhaustive) of thngs you can do in your home, (I'll keep updating it)

I have provided links, but no reason you cant search your own.


Clean the Camera

Clean all your camera equipment, use lens cloths and if you feel brave clean the sensor. Keeping equipment clean means it will give good results consistently. 
A guide here >>


Camera Menu

Do you know everythng your camera does, and how to find it? Now is the time to explore all the different settings, you'll need your manual or a dedicated book.
A guide here >>


Explore Lighting

Use an off-camera flash, table lamp, explore shadows, light a person from the side/front/top, explore defused lighting, and see what changing the WB on your camera does.
A video guide >>


Learn Editing

Not only can editing improve your pictures, its essential if you shoot raw, but its also great fun and really creative. There are lots of software, but the industry leader is lightroom/photoshop. Here >>


Explore Lectures

There are many talented photographers that we can all learn from, I have found some great lectures and talks downloadable at the 'Great Courses' website.
Great Courses >>


Still Life

An ideal subject to have a go at in your own home, you dont need expensive backrounds or lights, and the subject matter youll find in the kitchen, or around the house.
A guide here >>


Water Drops

Spectacular photographys, there is expensive triggers you can buy, but ctually its more fun trying to time it manually, without destroying the house.
Have a go >>


Astro Photography

Although your garden furniture may not be the ideal foregoround, or there might be light pollution, no reason your cant practise, ready for when things settle down.
Here >>


Family / Pets

You can also practise on your family, different poses, different lighting, dfferent angles etc. And when they get bored get on the floor with the family pets.
Some Tips >>


You Tube Channels

Explore one of the best resources, YouTube, there are thousands of photographers that post here, some great, some not so, but a great resource.
YouTube >>

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